Responsive design in itself is a big term, people often use it quite loosely but creating a responsive design course while keeping it beautiful can be a daunting task. In fact not everyone understands what responsive design is, to the level, that some people think if they have used HTML5 then their courses are responsive, that’s not true though.

In my opinion responsive design is something that adapts to the user’s device without impacting the readability or effectiveness of the content and it should work well in portrait or landscape modes. You may already know that there are various methods by which you accomplish responsive design:

  • Change positions
  • Change size
  • Change content

A truly responsive page would be something, that employs a combination of these techniques to achieve the desired result. The techniques that Rapid authoring tools generally employ to provide responsive design are:

  1. by scaling the whole page (not really responsive)
  2. by allowing the user to design for different device sizes (but of course there are limits), we would not call this responsive but maybe adaptive
  3. providing a limited set of templates which are inherently responsive , this is would be truly responsive but with limited options

How is Sleave different
With Sleave we give you the choice to use readymade responsive templates, Adaptive techniques or Responsive techniques . This allows you to choose how each element scales or positions itself on the page with respect to other elements.

You can achieve this by

  • Flexible positioning
  • Intelligent scaling of objects based on user defined parameters
  • Adapt your content dynamically for different device sizes
  • Selectively scale objects on the page
  • Animated pages can be made ‘Scale to Fit’

An important note, unlike the traditional designing methods, for a responsive design you have to think through your design elements very carefully in advance. You have to think about how they should behave on smaller devices; Should they scale down? Re-layout or change the onscreen graphic completely to show something different for different screen sizes?

However to experience the ease of creative a truly responsive design in a relatively short production cycle come visit the Sleave website and register with us.

We look forward to hearing from you on whether Sleave is indeed responsive enough for your needs.