Interactive Presentations With SLEAVE

Interactive Presentations With SLEAVE

When you’re giving a presentation, you want people to pay attention and enjoy it, whether you’re talking to a group in person or showing it on a website. The best way to do this is by creating an interactive presentation that keeps people interested and lets them join in.

An interactive presentation is like a lively show where the audience gets involved. It’s not just about one person talking; it’s about using different things to make the presentation more fun and interesting.

Here are 15 cool things you can do to create an interactive presentation that people will love:

1. Start with Something Fun

Begin your presentation by doing something fun. You can ask people to introduce themselves or answer a simple question. This helps everyone get comfortable and ready to listen.

2. Use Videos

Instead of just talking, you can show videos to make your points. Videos grab people’s attention and help explain things better. You can put a YouTube or Vimeo video in your slides to show something cool.

3. Add Moving Icons

Icons are like little pictures that show ideas. You can make them move to make your slides more interesting. Moving icons help focus on important parts.

4. Ask Questions

Don’t wait till the end for questions. Ask your audience questions during your talk. This makes them think and be part of the presentation.

5. Make a Quiz

Create a mini-quiz to test what people know. This can be fun and helps you see if your audience understands what you’re saying.

6. Turn Pages like a Book

Imagine your presentation like a book that people can flip through. This is like a digital book where they swipe to see the next page. It feels like reading a magazine.

7. Use Props

Props are objects you can show to help explain things. Make sure your props match what you’re talking about. They make your presentation more interesting.

8. Tell a Story

People love stories. Share a story that connects with your topic. It helps people remember what you’re saying.

9. Show Extra Info

You can add extra information using pop-ups. When people click on something, a little box with more details pops up. This makes it easy to share more without crowding the slide.

10. Mix Up the Order

Usually, presentations go from one slide to the next. But you can make yours different. Add links so people can jump around to the parts they like. This keeps them interested and excited.

11. Add Sound

Sounds can be fun. You can add music or your voice to your slides. This makes your presentation more lively.

12. Ask for Opinions

Let your audience vote on things. You can ask them to choose between options. This makes them feel involved.

13. Talk in Small Groups

Break your audience into smaller groups to talk about things. This helps them share ideas and feel more comfortable.

14. Let People Move

Encourage your audience to stand up or move around a little. This keeps them awake and engaged.

15. Answer Questions Anytime

Don’t save questions for the end. Answer them as you go. This keeps your audience curious and engaged.

Trying these fun ideas can make your presentation exciting and unforgettable. When your audience has a good time, your presentation becomes a hit!


In simple terms, the key takeaway is this: making a presentation interesting is like creating a beautiful painting. It’s not just about putting words on slides. Imagine having a conversation instead of just talking at people. That’s where interactive things like videos, props, and questions come in. They add excitement and make the audience feel involved. So, remember, when you’re presenting, try to make it a lively exchange rather than a one-sided speech.

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Author: Sumeet Kumar