Leveraging Creativity Across the e-Learning Team

“The new module looks just like the previous one.”

“The module lacks the creative touch yet again.”

“The creative element was missing and so the learner’s engagement was minimal.”

How often do we come across statements like these from our customers? Any such feedback from a customer is not only demotivating for the entire project team that conceptualized and developed the solution but may also have far-reaching effects like losing the client business to a competitor.

If we land ourselves in a similar state, it becomes critical for us to analyze the factors that may have caused it. There may be instances that despite the best IDs, GDs, Developers, and SMEs on board, our solution falls short of the client’s expectations and fails to make an impact. Many times, our “creative” specialists are obligated to work within the ‘templated framework’ and not go beyond the set parameters. In such scenarios, the e-learning team, no matter how competent it is, fails to design or develop unique solutions.

In today’s era of digital disruption, where most of the e-learning content development platforms are struggling to offer ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ authoring capabilities, e-learning solution providers need to choose an authoring platform that well aligns with the expectations of the clients and understands ‘creative’ and ‘instructional’ aspirations of the team.

Let us now identify a few capabilities that you would aspire in an authoring platform as you play the role of an ID, GD or a Developer or any of these in combination.

As an ID, you would like to work with an authoring tool that allows you to visualize, design and implement your creative strategies to the hilt. So, either you wish to design an engaging ID strategy or use a gamification approach for achieving a learning objective, you would not have to worry about the tool’s capability to implement it.

As a GD, you would like your authoring tool to empower you to easily design unique and exceptionally rich templates, layouts, assets, and other resources. So, whether it is customizing, styling, modifying existing objects, or creating altogether a new library of objects, you would aspire to be able to do it all! With the freedom to customize anything to everything while exercising complete control over the course design, you would like your authoring platform to help you unleash your creative instincts.

Now, if you are a Developer with the ‘heart of a coder’, you would expect your tool to offer complete coding capabilities, database support, hassle-free translation support, and publishing capabilities that save both production time and effort. With complete trust in your tool’s flexibility and an extensive set of features, you would like to empower yourself to build UI objects, manipulate and program onstage objects conveniently in the visualized fashion. 

So, with a hands-on authoring tool, you as an e-learning specialist are empowered to push your creative boundaries and leverage creativity across the e-Learning team. The result of all these capabilities is an ‘out-of-the-box’, unique and engaging learning solution that meets the client’s expectations and effortlessly sticks with the learner forever.

Sleave, an #HTML5 #authoring tool could be your ‘ideal’ authoring tool partner. This smart authoring platform empowers your team to collaborate on a single platform and create professional, unique and rich learning interventions! So, whether you an #ID, #GD, #PM or #SME, just login into the platform and gear up to leverage individual and team’s creativity!

Author – Namrata Bhatia