Way back in 2007 when Apple launched the iPhone we noticed the beginning of a change. The e-learning industry started looking at different devices more closely as platforms to deliver learning to the user, to reach the user more effectively.

As developers we were posed with technical challenges on a daily basis. The tools were just not able to address the need. The expectation far outstripped the pace at which the software technology was improving.

After struggling with the many issues in cross platform e-learning development we decided to build a product that would address all the issues comprehensively and continue to improve dynamically. This is where Sleave was born.

Sleave is a HTML5 based e-learning framework, designed for content developers focused on building great e-learning. It is browser based and does not require you to install anything on your machine. It allows you to create courses for all devices small and large, and you get to choose how you address the different screen sizes. You can create a fixed design course or you can create a truly responsive course which adjusts the layout to accommodate a variety of screen sizes. With mobile learning becoming the norm of the day we have integrated swipe gestures as default.

Sleave comes with a default interface skin, which can be customized directly in the tool or through CSS. The interface consists of commonly needed features like Language Profiler, Bookmark Page, Menu Page, Page list or Index, Interface Buttons, Keyboard navigation and Mobile Swipe Gestures. With an ever increasing need to translate courses into multiple languages, Sleave enhances your translation productivity dramatically through a simple 4 step process. Now dynamically link not just text but also media assets through our unique technology that enables language translations. With feedback coming in from our customers we have been updating the features with great speed.

The product has been built from the ground up by our team of professionals with a passion for e-learning. The codebase is highly optimized, fast and lightweight.